COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing

PHS-PREVENTIVE HEALTH SOLUTIONS has been serving the community since 2011.  We consider the coronavirus outbreak a call to action.  As physicians, we took an oath to serve our patients and the community while sometimes risking ourselves.  We pledge to do whatever we can to help prevent the spread of this terrible disease and will be offering coronavirus (PCR)  testing in conjunction with P.S.J.A. ISD.

If you are interested in COVID19 testing, please download questionnaire and bring it to testing site filled out.  

Testing is the key to flattening the curve and getting our city back on track.  Accordingly, anyone who wants a COVID-19 test should be to receive one regardless of symptoms or other risk factors.   Tests will be limited though.  And we will start by performing  50 tests per day throughout the month of May.  

We are a local, private medical practice and as a result we receive no subsidy or financial assistance from the government to offer this service.  We receive our test kits from commercial laboratories which charge for the testing.  We will be billing your insurance company for the COVID-19 evaluation and Labcorp will be billing for the COVID- 19 test.  As a result of the new law passed by Congress, the cost for evaluation and testing is expected to be covered by your insurance with no cost sharing provided you visit with an in-network primary care physician.   Dr. Ricardo Ochoa is in network with most insurances.  For patients without insurance, we can perform the evaluation, screening and testing for $100. 

We are offering this testing service in order to do our part to minimize the spread of this disease and test as many people as we can in a way that reduces the chances of spreading the infection to others.


June 8-11 —3:00pm-6:00pm

500 E. Nolana RD

June 15-18 —3:00pm-6:00pm

PSJA Early College
805 W Ridge Rd
Pharr, TX

June 22nd-25th —3:00pm-6:00pm

PSJA Memorial High School
805 S. Almao Rd. 
Alamo Texas 78516

June 29th- July 2nd —3:00pm-6:00pm

Southwest Early College High School
300 E. Javelina Dr. 
Pharr Texas 78577


Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, from 1 pm to 6 pm.
Please note that we may stop seeing patients before 6 pm based upon the number of tests available.
Those who engage in disorderly conduct will be turned away irrespective of how long they may have been waiting.  


  • Copy of your driver’s license or other valid photo ID
  • Copy of your current insurance card
  • A pen
  • Something to write on (clipboard, book, etc)
  • Hand sanitizer for your personal use (if you have it)
  • Cash or credit card (your insurance will be billed for the evaluation and testing,  but if we cannot verify your insurance, if we are not in network with  your insurance, or if your insurance  is not active, a fee of  $100 will need to be collected prior to testing).  


Your visit will include 2 components:  Your evaluation and screening and the COVID-19 test.

  • For patients with insurance, we will need to verify that we are in network with your insurance and that your insurance is active.  If we do accept your insurance, both the evaluation and the testing will be billed to your insurance company.
  • For patients without insurance, the cost of the evaluation, screening, and testing is $100.  To minimize chance of spreading infections, we ask that a “contactless” form of payment be used either with credit card or debit cards.  Our staff will be able to  process card payments using “wave and pay” method instead of handing cards back and forth.   If you prefer to pay in cash,  please place money  in a small zip lock bag where it can be easily viewed and counted.   We have set our self-pay price as low as possible to help cover the cost of supplies, staff, and test kits needed to offer this service.


Our testing center consists of two stations.  Person being tested should be the only person in the vehicle.  If person being tested is unable to drive, then limit vehicle to maximum of two (2)  people.  Everyone in vehicle needs to be wearing face masks.  Having more than 2 people in your vehicle will cause you to be turned away.  Please NO recording and No photos.  

STATION 1 (CHECK IN) – You will be handed a screening questionnaire.  Completely fill out questionnaire while you wait in your car.  You can also download questionnaire from our website, fill it out at home, and bring it with you.  This will help speed up registration process.  We will need a copy of your insurance card and driver’s license/photo ID.   Our staff will be verifying insurance benefits while you are filling out forms.  For patients paying with credit or debit cards, the $100 dollar fee will be processed here as well.  Patients paying with cash will be able to do so in next station.

STATION 2  (TRIAGE AND TESTING) – a staff member will direct you  to next designated area.  Temperatures  will be obtained.  A licensed medical provider will then review your questionnaire and ask additional questions if needed.  Sample will then be obtained for the COVID-19 TEST.  We currently use nasopharyngeal  or  oropharyngeal test swabs (which look like a q-tip) to gather a sample from either your nasal cavity or throat.  Once the test sample is obtained, you will receive an  instructions  sheet  and will be directed out of the parking lot.   LabCorb can generate test results within 3 to 5 business days.  We will be calling you with results. 

Here as some answers to commonly asked questions:


The test is free at government sponsored testing centers.  Unlike government test centers who receive the test for free, our test kits are supplied by commercial laboratories like LabCorp.  Lab Corp will be billing your insurance company for the testing.  Insurance companies are covering COVID-19 testing with no member cost sharing.  If you do not have insurance , we charge $100 for the evaluation, screening, and testing.  We are offering this service because we want to do what we can to increase access to testing.


Everyone who wants a test should be able to receive one.  Getting everybody tested is the key to flattening the curve and getting our city back on track.  Accordingly, everyone visiting our COVID-19 testing site will be able to be tested for the disease regardless of symptoms or other risk factors.  This however is based on availability of testing supplies.  Fifty tests (50) tests will be performed daily for the month of May.  Testing may increase depending on the tests available and the community needs.


We do not analyze samples in our office.  We work with LabCorp which will pick up the samples and bring them to their laboratory for analysis.  Depending upon the lab to which sample was sent, your test results should be available within 3 to 5 business days from the day you got tested.  We will contact you with your test results as soon as we have them.  Please remember that once the lab collects your sample from our facility, we have no control over the handling, analysis, or timing of your test result.  LabCorp will be billing your insurance for the COVID-19 test.


If you received a test and are experiencing symptoms which could be due to coronavirus, it is recommended that you self-quarantine and avoid contact with others until we receive your results.   Please note that , per CDC recommendations, people who were previously tested or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 may be able to cease self-isolation and leave their home under certain conditions.   If you are sick or have questions about your health, reach out to your Primary Care Physician. 

The medical provider present today is only responsible for your screening and testing and will not be available to offer treatment for your current ailments.

Preventive Health Solutions